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Thursday, March 5, 2015


(If you are an October student of West Sacramento's Parks & Rec. Archery class, let me know -- you get a discount)

Welcome to Wild Spirit Archery and Old Soul custom archery and outdoors leather work!

Whether your journey into archery or the wilds is just beginning, or you're a grizzled veteran of the backcountry, Wild Spirit and Old Soul have something for you.


Connect with your wild spirit! If you are interested in learning how to shoot a bow and arrow, head over to our Wild Spirit page and sign up for an introduction with us! We offer instruction for ages 7 and up in a no-stress, fun environment.  We love archery, and want to share that love for such a great, relaxing (even meditative) and fun sport and hobby.

(All classes are minimum of 1 hour in length, though I reserve the right to end the class a tad earlier for any reason -- usually fatigue on the part of new shooters.)

1 person = $40/hr.
2 or 3 people = $30/hr.
4+ people = $25/hr.

In addition, I offer discounts to parent/child lessons, students of Southport Taekwondo, and West Sacramento Parks & Rec. students who want extra lessons.  Contact me for more information.


If you are looking for leather archery equipment, belt pouches, possibles bags, sporrans, or other outdoors leather gear and accessories, check out our Old Soul Leather Work page for custom crafted arm guards, shooting tabs, bags, and more.

You can also visit our Etsy Shop: