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Old Soul Leatherwork

All of my products can be found at my Etsy Store (click on the box to the right)!

If you are interested in quality leather leather goods made to last, you've come to the right place.
Custom hand-tooled belts

I custom craft leather goods made-to-order, designed to be elegant and useful -- and built to last for years. 

Here you can find:
-- Custom crafted arm guards and bracers to fit you, with as little or as much flair as you like;

Arm guards with the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers logo
-- Belt pouches, sporrans, and possibles bags

-- Custom crafted belts, slings and straps.

-- I'm happy to craft knife and hatchet sheaths and frogs, and may be able to make other leather accessories -- just ask!

-- All products are hand-made by me -- no outsourcing.

Pictish boar wide arm guard

The leather I use is either vegetable tanned cowhide or deerskin, tooled, sealed and waxed.  They wear well and should last for years.


My artistic styles tend to run natural and aboriginal, from Pictish and Celtic to Northwest Coast nations to Latin American native art, as well as natural life-like styles -- but I'm willing to give most things a shot!


For the quickest access to a variety of products, please visit my Etsy Shop, Old Soul Leatherwork.

-- Leather arm guards start at $40 for a finished, non-tooled (no designs) guard, in your choice of a variety of colors.  Additional tooling and embossing are extra:

-- Small to medium sized sporrans (aka belt pouches), start at $150 for a simple pattern.  Additional tooling and embossing are extra (for example, you can get the design similar to the one at right for $200-$300, depending on the type of leather you would like for your bag).

-- Custom belts, slings and straps start at $80 for items with no tooling.  Light tooling adds $30, monogramming adds $25, and backing with deerskin (glued and stitched) adds $75. 

-- Possibles bags (like the one pictured at the top of the page) start at $250.

-- Want something else?  Ask, and I may be able to do it.

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